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The Preventive Medicine study program has the mission to train specialists able to maintain the good health of the population and to prevent diseases among the population by applying an efficient management in health promotion. The Preventive Medicine study program aims to train professionals in the area of public health monitoring, development and implementation of national public health policies and programs, prevention of morbidity in the population by informing the society and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

As a result, graduates in preventive medicine will gain in-depth knowledge and skills of health indicators’ accumulation, processing and analysis, as well as abilities of development, implementation and monitoring of social, economic and medical measures with positive, direct or indirect, influence on population’s health.

Graduates of Preventive Medicine will work as hygienists, epidemiologists, microbiologists in public health centres (national, municipal and district) and health managers. They will be able to view things systemically in order to evaluate the health of the community on the whole.

Preventive Medicine Program curriculum