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The Optometry study program, launched at Nicolae Testemitanu University in 2017, has the mission to train specialists in providing ophthalmic care. The field is oriented towards the promotion and use of modern technologies, mainly in the efficient management of refractive errors, the screening of eye diseases, as well as their prevention.

The optometrist is the one who detects eye diseases at the beginning stage, evaluates them, being able to correct them. In case of need, he refers patients to an ophthalmologist. The specialist contributes to the screening of eye diseases by: prescribing, fitting, manufacturing, adapting, repairing and selling optometric equipment (glasses, contact lenses). Optometrist activity is one of the activities that provide primary ophthalmological care to the population throughout the entire life.

An optometry graduate can have his own optometric office, trading store, eyeglasses manufacturing workshop; can work in units producing optical and medical equipment, in laboratories for testing visual functions, in specialized institutions that provide social assistance to the population and prophylaxis (schools, special institutions, etc.), in organizations that sell and ensure the maintenance of optometric equipment and devices.

Knowledge of English is a mandatory condition for admission to this specialty, as students will carry out their practical internship in Norway, under a Moldovan-Norwegian project.

OPTOMETRY Program Curriculum